ORS Olive Hair Dress 6oz

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ORS OLIVE OIL CREME HAIR DRESS 6 ozOlive Oil Crme is perfect for dry, thirsty hair. Rich with essential fatty acids, this hairdress or crme infuses moisture directly into the hair shaft. Infuses moisture directly into the cuticle Increases hair's elasticity Adds deeper, longer lasting shine to the hair Adds softness to the hairDIRECTIONS- Daily Use: 1. Apply, sparingly, Olive Oil to the entire scalp. 2. Massage scalp and comb or brush hair to distribute the Olive Oil throughout the hair shaft.- Split Ends Treatment: 1. Apply a small amount of Olive Oil to the ends of the hair nightly before putting in rollers or wrapping the hair.INGREDIENTSOlive Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids, it infuses moisture directly into the cuticle. Horsetail: Adds moisture and strengthening.
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