6D Darling Lashes

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Introducing Poppy & Ivy 6D Darling Lashes 25mm Eyelashes "Faux Mink" by Absolute New York.

Finally, lashes that are as extra as your unapologetic self.  Introducing Poppy & Ivy 6D Darling Lashes that elevate your lashes to another dimension with 6 lightweight layers of ultra-voluminous cruelty-free, faux mink.  With lengths up to 25mm, these lashes sacrifice zero drama and zero comfort with its flexible, thin band for easy application and comfortable wear, from day to night.

How to Use;

  1. Carefully remove lashes from tray.
  2. Measure lashes to your eyes and trim lash band if needed.
  3. Apply Absolute Lash Adhesive to lash band and wait 20-30 seconds until glue becomes tacky.
  4. Carefully place lashes along your natural lash line, starting from 1 corner and working your way towards the other corner.
  5. Press false lashes against natural lashes for a seamless look.