Devacurl Super Strecht Coconut Curl Elongator 236 ml

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Do you have super curly hair that craves moisture, definition and curl elongation? Then this cream styler is for you!

This coconut infused cream weightlessly elongates curls and maintains definition. Coconut oil delivers nourishing moisture and shine while shea butter conditions for long lasting softness. Versatile and lightweight, this styler has a rich velvety texture that the provides the moisture and softness of a cream with the hold of a gel.

For a stretched Wash and Go: 

  • Apply to clean, wet hair in sections to ensure thorough coverage.
  • Smooth onto curls in a downward motion for extra elongation. Don't scrunch!
  • Air dry or dry with the DevaFuser in a downward angle to finish.

For a stretched style:

  • Apply to clean, wet hair in sections.
  • Smooth onto curls to ensure thorough coverage.
  • Begin your desired stretched style. Yes, we're talking twists, braids, flexi sets, Bantu knots, etc. to achieve your desired stretched curl pattern.
  • Dry release and tousle to finish.
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